Transportation Services


  • A site survey will be through the route from the first destination to the site to assess the number of vehicles that is required to move the shipments, as well as loading and unloading requirements.
  • Meetings will be held with the local official authorities as required to obtain all available and relevant information.
  • Etihad Al Basra Co. Will liaise with the local authority representative for the project
  • Etihad Al Basra Co. Will provide a suitably qualified person (Site manager) , preferably bi-lingual Arabic/English who will work closely with the local representative in order to coordinate on all aspects of the delivery as well as loading and un loading procedures.
  • Etihad Al Basra Co. Will ensure that all shipment will furnished with some of weatherproof covering if need.
  • Any required permits will be discussed at the beginning of the contract.
  • Etihad Al Basra Co. Will be responsible for obtaining requires clearances from the Iraqi issuing authority.
  • The trucks will be inspected by team of technicians before loading for their conditions to avoid any interruption of convey movement along the way.
  • Security measures for transportation of the equipments, materials, and personals will be determined by Etihad Al Basra Co. Security manager and appropriate procedures will be implemented.
  • Trucks and vehicles will carry all the sufficient lashing straps/ chains to be able to transport the shipment safely.
  • All the truck and vehicles will be maintained and determined to be in good working condition , to make the trip.
  • Etihad Al Basra Co. Will ensure the equipments are safely positioned so as to avoid contact with overhead utility lines. Etihad Al Basra Co. Will review the positioning of equipments prior to start the transportation.