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Construction and Heavy Equipments Rental


The move operation for rigs have to be done without losing time, safety precautions and applications have to be taken as indicated below:

  • Reviewing the TRA
  • Reviewing the safety procedures
  • Reviewing the evacuation and emergency plan
  • Checking the emergency equipments
  • Stopping work when encountering unsafe actions
  • Assigning a task to each person of the crew


  • Being struck by crane, load, or forklift tipping
  • Pinched fingers when assembling equipment
  • Burns from cutting and welding
  • Temporary eye irritation from welding light flash
  • Falling or tipping during rigging down
  • Falling from rig floor
  • Being struck by swinging equipment
  • Being struck by falling tools
  • Being crushed by equipment due to failure or overloading of hoisting equipment
  • Fall from ladders
  • Fall or slip from ladders and stairs due to damaged or missing rungs or steps


  • Instruct all workers to safety procedures and ensure that they are acknowledge able about job hazards. This can be done during pre-job safety meetings
  • Instruct workers to stand clear and keep hands and other body parts away from pinch points.
  • Wear proper long sleeve clothing to protect from burns
  • Wear proper welding eye/face protection.
  • Avoid looking directly at the flame or arc when welding
  • Wear fall protection when working from heights .
  • Install , inspect , and secure stairs and handrails.
  • Use proper PPE