Catering Services


Etihad Al Basra Co. Is one of the leading business support services provider company in Iraq through the last few years, Etihad Al Basra has become one of the biggest companies in this sector, after years of planning and hard work we have built up strong business relationship with our clients and customers based on trust, confidence, reliability and integrity, our customers’ satisfaction is our priority, that’s why we become one of the most important companies in this field , Today we provide more than (20000) meals a day for our customers and clients in different business, industry and education sectors.

Currently, we are proud to provide more than (12000) meals per day for BP company, beside (1500) meals per day for ENI Iraq, thus in addition to more than (750) meals per day for Iraqi Drilling Company.
Catering services is one of the major principle business activities in Etihad Al Basra , so we grow in that sector through the last years, and today we serve our customers through our spread restaurant, like the airport restaurant and Safwan restaurant and Al-jandool Restaurant in addition to kitchens operated by our company like Al-Sadr teaching hospital kitchen Our staff is a fully specialized team of experienced, talented and skilled chefs that are licensed to work , and certified by local authorities , and involved in training courses on HSE and cocking , “competence coupled with professional specialism” is best words to describe how we hire, employ and train our staff.

In addition to chefs , Our staff include :

  • Chefs assistants
  • Special team for kitchen cleaning
  • Special team for kitchen cleaning
  • Packaging food team
  • Store management
  • Freezing room control
  • Bakery
  • Nutrition Delegate and delivery team
  • Vegetables and fruit prepare team
  • Drivers team
  • Purchases team
  • Cleaning services workers team
  • Nutrition controller
  • Security team
  • Vehicles and trucks maintenance
  • Sites maintenance team
  • Complaints receiving team
  • Site management

Equipments and tools

Air-Conditioned Vehicles :

We have a gigantic fleet of Air-conditioned vehicles to transport food everywhere anytime and in every condition, to deliver the food fresh, hot, delicious to our clients, we have a mobilized maintenance teams and workshops and a backup vehicles to fix any emergency situation.

Freezing and Cooling Rooms :

All necessary kitchen tools All stain-less steel tools from global brands Uniforms and specialized equipments The company provide different uniform for every teamwork , and PPE for all the staff.