Introduction and Contract

EBCC was established in 2008, the most important activities are: Business Support, Transportation, Logistics provider. Catering, cleaning, water, milk and ice blocks provider.
EBCC conducts its business in the highest ethical manner is a good corporate citizen and is committed to total customer satisfaction. Safety is a top priority. In a short time we became one of the logistics pioneers companies in whole Iraq , we have a good vision to keep up with the latest global developments in order to improve and develop our methods and performance to fit with the spirit of the times.
Our currently contracts are:

With BP

  • Catering (more than 6500 daily meals)
  • Cleaning (more than 125 sites Rumaila filed and QARMIT ALI)
  • Water and milk (more than 15000 ltrs / daily)
  • Scrap collection contract.
  • Fuel transportation (1500000 – 2000000 ltrs / monthly)

With ENI

  • Catering (more than 2500 daily meals)
  • Cleaning (32 sites at alzobeer and barjiseeah )
  • Water and milk (more than 5000 ltrs / daily)
  • Fuel transportation (700000 – 750000 ltrs / monthly)

With IDC

  • Catering (more than 2000 daily meals)
  • Cleaning (4 camps, each camo 150 workers)
  • Water (more than 1000 ltrs / daily)